How to pass to another scene?


I'm very new to this and would like to make a simple spot the difference game with art paintings for the kids in my class.

I want to add at least seven new scenes for seven different paitings with one difference per painting. I've watched soveral tutorials but ca´t seem to find one that tells of I can pass from one scene to the next. There's always an error or it gets stuck in the same painting.

Currently my code is like the attachment picture.

Can someone help me please?

Many thanks,


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To load the next scene, you can use wade.loadScene

wade.loadScene('scene2.wsc', true, null, true);

The last parameter, that I've set to true above, means "remove everything that was already in the scene when the new scene has been loaded".

So when the player has found all the differences, perhaps show a button (a SceneObject), and in its onClick function use the line above

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