Running the preview on a mobile device ?

Hi, i am testing wade (it"s very cool) and i would like to run the preview on the iphone directly, but i can't find where the files are on the harddrive.


ps: may be you should warn new users (like me) that in order to build an apk you have to be registred on the forum, initially i thought the cloud build was broken because of the cryptic error message.

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Thanks for the feedback, I agree the error messages for the cloud builds should be a lot more explicit.

As for running the preview directly on iphone, I'm afraid that's not possible without downloading the project files (using the download button at the top). The files are stored by Chrome in its internal storage and while you could physically access them, the file names on your hard drive do not match the file names used in the project. They will just be called "0", "1", "2" etc.

There are plans to get the downloadable version of the editor to save files on your hard drive in a more traditional way, and that will allow you to run a static server and run the preview on a separate device without having to download the soource. It's one of the changes that are planned for version 4.2, but it's not ready yet.


That's what i was afraid of, thanks fo the clarification. What's the ETA for version 4.2 (approximately) ?

And other things also ;

is there a way to have "light theme" for the editor because the dark mode is not very readable in a well lit office,

is it possible to have a light "binary export" because redownloading the whole electron package each time may not be necessary, only the files related to the project,

why does the online editor connect to when i run the preview (just curious)?

is there a module for 3d physics, i"d like to make isometric+physics?

will there be an iphone cloud build?

and probably more to come (sorry)

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