a few things for version 4.0

Of course I do not claim to truth of last resort, Mr. based on my observations a few things would be useful

1. math with floating point is highly unstable, and for example, if someone is important than complex mathematical calculations (trigonometry for example)

As example i be needed to check two points:

where one point is:

checkpoint.x = O.x + (NEWSTART.x - O.x) * Math.cos(Math.PI - alpha) - (NEWSTART.y - O.y) * Math.sin(Math.PI - alpha);

and another is:

bpLx = (bpOB-bBC)*kBC/(kBC*kBC+1);

This is one example but sometimes floating point values do not match, even if must had to match.

So I found a snippet of code functions for rounding.

var truncated = function(num, decimalPlaces) {    
    var numPowerConverter = Math.pow(10, decimalPlaces); 
    return ~~(num * numPowerConverter)/numPowerConverter;

And then used it to the 4th decimal place.

Of course I'm not sure what it does not exist in WADE, and it wasn't that important for 90% of all projects, but nevertheless I think that it would be useful in games or projects where the required mathematical calculations

2. Tracking variable changes. This is actually a very useful thing for geometry and scoring. And then I remember Q.GameState Class in the Quintus library: "Generic Game State object that can be used to track of the current state of the Game, for example when the player starts a new game you might want to keep track of their score and remaining lives"

This is not just a repository of all sorts of things, but also the ability to track changes to these things and trigger certain actions when changing.

And of course I would like to keep you not only strings or numbers but objects or arrays

3. Functions for HTML audio api. I'm using a library howler.js only due to the fact that there is a level adjustment of audio, the ability to control the direction of the sound source and so on. And I see no reason why not to include WADE, similar in wedgl - disable if not supported

4. Anyway, I would like to see some things in the UI "in the box" This is a weak point of almost all HTML5 engines, except some Just if you try to do that in a normal DOM HTML is done with your eyes closed - such as a slider or mega-menu - you can just go crazy :) For example, even just a modal window with multiple inputs , buttons to change these inputs, a confirmation button , close this window, and so on - requires manipulation, very dreary. To drive all of the elements in the array to register the path for the animation, if you want to make smooth animation. A good UI is one of the key success of the game

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Hi and thanks very much for your suggestions.

I think they are all very valid points. We will definitely keep them in mind for future versions :)

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