Gio, I kind of suggested labeling forum threads.

If you a busy  I’m even ready to do this - give only access to the git.

Well, it's just awful sometimes to see how a branch is cluttered like shit with the themes "font", "color", "delirium"

Well, yes, I'm not correct((

But sometimes you have to be tough. If people don’t understand javascript, then why the hell are they trying to make a game on it?

To create another shit-product which millions?



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Hi krumza, we haven't seen you in a while!

First of all, don't be angry :)

Secondly, yes I can add labels to forum threads - who do you suggest should be able to edit these labels? The user who creates the thread of the forum admin(s) or both?


Sometimes its not javascript, it is using wade and understanding their design. Not everyone wants to just hack, their code. They have tools, which they use at a higher level. WADE that is the point, If you want to be true to that and write clean code.

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