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Hello Clockwork Chilli

Where can I find some detailed documentation for audio functions? Here I found wade.playAudio, wade.playAudioSegment and a few others, but how do I set volumes, fade out sounds and so on?

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I have to admit that audio functionality in WADE is fairly limited at the moment. I usually tend to blame HTML5 support by the major browsers, mainly the fact that IE does not support WebAudio (that you need to do some of the more interesting stuff such as fading out sounds), and some people still use IE, so that's why we still do not support features that can only be achieved via WebAudio.

We do use WebAudio on browsers / environments that support it, but to maintain full cross-platform compatibility, we just don't support things that wouldn't work everywhere.

Having said that, we will be adding more advanced audio features soon, starting from version 4.2 of Wade. Global WebAudio support has reached almost 90%, so it's time we start relying on it.

In the meantime, I would definitely recommend Shri's excellent wrapper that allows you to easily use other sound libraries (such as howler and buzz) with Wade. You can find all the details here:

WALA (Wade Audio Library Adapter)

This should allow you to do what you want. Of course, some things are just impossible with older browsers, such as IE <= 11, so keep that in mind if you are targeting those browsers.

EDIT: I should add that a low-level approach is also possible: if you want to only target WebAudio-enabled browsers, you can also call wade.getWebAudioContext() and use all the WebAudio functions directly.


Thanks for the quick response Gio! I will give WALA a try.



I noticed that if you click the link above, the in page final results demo doesn't load ? Not sure why or if it is just my setup.

Anyway, if you go to and click the wala post link, it seems to all work fine.

cheers - Shri


Hey Shri

The issue is due to the fact that I was linking to the https version of your site, and that includes an iframe for the demo which uses an http url. I have changed the link above to http, but depending on your setup (e.g. if you have an https anywhere extension) you may still end up on the https page.

I think you may want to use https url's for your iframes, or alternatively redirect http to https.



Updated my site to all https. Don't think I broke anything, thanks for the tip.

cheers - Shri

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