Audio in browser

I have no luck with audio in browsers after export of source code.

I tried to do as in the tutorial:

(Except that I converted the files at instead)


Audio works fine in editor, but not in browsers after export.


(Attach source test file)

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The audio files need to be loaded with the scene, i.e. they need to be added to the Audio tab in the scene properties (see picture below).




Also be aware that on mobile devices, you need to at least interact with the page once before audio can be played. If you have something that just plays on load, it will work on desktop browsers but will be blocked by most mobile browsers. It's a good idea to have a "click to start" button somewhere before playing audio.


Thank you :)

This solve my problem!

I propose adding a comment to the tutorial on Youtube.


Happy to help you. my favourite tool is ********. Its working fine for me no issues. Its free tool.

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