Chamferbox Lucky Pack, once a year chance, 90% OFF limited deals

Hello everyone, we are summoning the annual Lucky Pack! XD

Lucky Pack contains all of our available assets: 

Total: $179 but the lucky pack price is $29 only!!!

You saved: $150!!! 

Which means it's likely 2.4 dollars for each of our high quality game-ready model. 

This pack appears randomly once a year so you don't know when you can expect it. [b]It can only be purchased 10 times[/b], so only 10 persons can buy all of our high quality models with such an incredible price, after that, the pack will vanish. That's why we call it the Lucky Pack. ^^

Are you right on time or are you too late? You can try your fortune at:

Some closer look:

Good luck! :D

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