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Hi guys!

I just remembered that I made a "funny" Pacman clock about 2 years ago with WADE. And I thought I can share it with you too. :)

The main concept was to made an android clock app with Apache Cordova, so then I will be able to use my old shitty phone to anything useful. Of course Google rejected to release my app in Play store, because copyright issues. (Pacman is copyrighted intellectual property... :/ )

Here you can check the browser version:

I'll upload the source to github, if anyone is interested :) (Code is shitty ;))

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Wow that is really neat, good job :)

It is indeed a great way to use an old phone


That is the best clock app ever. Don't we all hate these copyright issues... But if you decide to put your code on github let us know, I wouldn't mind looking at it.

I wonder how difficult it would be to reuse your code to make an actual pacman game?



Thx for the feedback :) I've uploaded the source to github:

As I see now, there aren't so much comments in the code, because the main reason was not to release this to the public. It was made for my enjoyment only :D

In a few hours I will update the code with some comments and explanations to ease the understanding.

I think it could be easy to make some game from it, just the Pacman movement needs to be changed slightly. Instead of random movements, you should set the new direction by a specific keypress.

(I can't understand why I used so much arrays for everything??? So lame :D )

Ps: I hope it still can be imported to wade editor. Originally it was designed with wade 3.6.


Comments added :) And some hints about where to edit to make Pacman controllabe :) Have fun


that's great I was going to do a Pacman game for my third game, your a superstar. Wade, 2dkit or panda I chose wade got something correct for a change.

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