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I created a clickable "hide and seek" game and would like to embed it in a Sharepoint webpage. I don't know how to do this. Would someone happen to have instructions on how to embed this game into a website?



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Hi Ash

Emedding a Wade game into a website is the same as embedding any other html page.

In this case I would think that the easiest way is to use an iframe (though there are other options). Essentially you host your game somewhere (on the sharepoint site itself or elsewhere), then use the Embed Web Part of sharepoint to add a link to the iframe (see here for an example). Just make sure that the iframe src points to the index.html of your wade game.

Sometimes a default configuration option for the Sharepoint server is to treat all html files as downloadable content (i.e. instead of opening the iframe, it downloads index.html). In that case, you want to rename index.html to index.aspx (without changing the contents).

Let me know how that goes

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