File Download Failed : Cloud Build
Dk Lee

I have succeed cloud build with android app. 


But whenever I tried to download android app, I always ended with download failed.


Could you please check your server for download? 

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From the server logs I can see you tried to download it multiple times, but there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with the server - as a test, I was able to build and download a (much larger) app just now. It's more likely to be just a network connection problem. I've restarted the cloud build server anyway, it may work if you try again?

Dk Lee

Thank you for your immediate reply. 


1. You have any idea of connectting setting?   

I am live in South korea. and South korea is proud of Network infrastructure. We are proud of at minimum 1GB BPS netword speed. 


so, network speed is not problem i think.   


But still Download problem. 


download problem

'실패' means download failed. 



2. If network problem is due to regional location, can you email to me the compiled file? 


I think it's not efficient, but But I have no idea how to solve this. 


I think your game engine is great, so I would like to solve network problem. 


I thinkg emailing is not effcient, but I can't find other way.  


Very thank you.



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