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Has anyone successfully embedded a game into a GoDaddy website? I'm using a website builder they provide. They want me to upgrade to this mega package that I can't afford. 

Any one have ideas?

The game is currently hosted on a SharePoint website, so I know it can be done. 




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I have no experience with goDaddy's web hosting, but I think it should be easy if:

1. You can add iframes using the website buildinger

2. You can upload your own files

If that is the case, then:

- Upload your files to a folder on the server(for example call it mygame)

- Using the website builder, add an iframe pointing to /mygame/index.html

Unlike sharepoint, there is no need to rename index.html to index.aspx


Unfortunately, it only allows me to upload photos- unless I buy the upgraded projects.


But you have given me an idea. Can I host it on Google Drive, then embed an Iframe from there? or maybe use WordPress and embed an iframe from there?

Is that possible?




It's possible, but it may be that you have to change some settings on WordPress to allow embedding.


Do you have instructions for embedding this in a wordpress website?



So there are 2 distinct issues here:

1. You must upload your files on a "static" web server. By this I mean a basic server that just serves your content, without any dynamic components so you don't need php, wordpress, sharepoint or anything like that. All those may work if they let you just upload your files, but they do way more than you need, and typically cost more than you should spend.

There are many ways of doing this. There are some super-easy drag-and-drop ones, that are a bit expensive (around $5/month), for example https://app.netlify.com/drop

There are some professional, slightly more complicated, but very cheap ones, like Amazon S3 (a few cents per month, depending on traffic). See for example here for a guide.

Finally, there are free solutions, such as github pages. If you're not familiar with git, then this is a bit more complex, but it's totally free.

2. Once you've got a static website hosting your game, you need to point your domain to that website. I assume you have bought a domain name through goDaddy. In this case, if you go in the control panel to manage your domain, there should be options to add an A record (I don't have a domain on goDaddy to check, it's possible that it doesn't allow you to set a A record, but an ALIAS or an ANAME record would also work). This is a way to say that visitors to your domain should be redirected to the static site that hosts your game.

Once you've decided which hosting solution you want (say for example github pages), you can google something like "github pages custom domain goDaddy", I'm sure there will be plenty of tutorials about setting things up for your specific case.


Hey. So sorry for the late reply. I'm currently balancing working from home, 2 full-time children, 2 part-time children, and moving house! LOL, It's been crazy. (insert crazy emoji)

So, I already have it uploaded it so SharePoint, and have it embedded in that page. However, the trouble is that this website isn't built to be responsive or dynamic and we've had complaints from individuals using smart devices that the items are not accessible via their screens. 

I have two sample pages; 

Conceivably, I can use an iFrame and embed it from the sharepoint, I think. I'm just not sure if the functionality will work the same. Nor am I sure how to do it... 

We do have a separate domain for this, the domain goes to something that is more than just the game. 

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