Hidden Object not working


I'm attempting to make a hidden object game; I put in the full image, I put in the background image, and I put in the image with the circles that go round the objects when found. However, when I click process, the engine crashes. I've even tried downloading the Windows editor to make it work. 


can you help?

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Did you manage to do it? If the problem perists, it sounds like there may be some problem with the source images, would you mind sending them to me so I can have a look? (either zip and attach them here or send me a PM by clicking my user name and attach them there)



No, I didn't get them working. :-( I went back to my original game - where you just circle the object using sprites. 

I'm not sure what's up with the images. I'll post a link to the final product once I get approval! I appreciate your help. 

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