Importing a game from zip file to Editor - Internal Zip Structure Error

Hey Gio,

I'm getting this message when I try to import a zip file into the editor. Since I lost my projects in local editor, I was trying to get the zip file I got (while downloading source code) on to the editor but there is an error with following message: 

Unable to import pongoal.wade: project name does not match internal zip structure.

Trouble is I'm just providing the same zip i got from donwload/source code from the editor and it still shows this error. Also same happens when I try to use wade editor from your online portal.

If you can help me with this then I'd be great, Gio.

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Hi prajwal

I'll quote what it says in the editor under "Import Zip File":

A valid project ZIP file for projectName must be called and must contain, in its root, a folder called projectName. Additionally, the root of the ZIP may contain a file called projectName.wade

I'm guessing that the above conditions aren't met in your case? Like you have a project called myProject but the zip file is not called



+1 to this issue! 

I download zip projext from 1 pc - send it in emai to aniother pc - and i see same error that see prajwal.

more them - i try send package to my work pc  - but mail firewall return it back (windows mail server)

Hey Gio,

The project name matches and in the zip file, it has a folder (with our assets and code) and a .wade file, both named with the project name we provided to the editor when starting off...


I have unzipped these files and played them on localhost but when uploading project's .zip file back to editor, this error shows. This zip file I got from download/ source code.

@Krumza, do you have the same issue?


If you can send me the zip I could see what's wrong

Cool, attaching the zip folder here.


Ah I see... thanks for sending the zip, I have managed to reproduce the problem and will add a fix for the next release.

As a temporary workaround, I think if you remove the .wade file from the root of zip, it should probably work. But you may need to reload the editor after importing.

Sorry about this, I will get it fixed asap.

Thanks Gio! Got it working just fine after following the steps you provided. Cheers!

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