Internet Explorer 11 does not support webgl render mode


Internet Explorer 11 does not support well webgl render mode.

FIX: Put the scene to "renderMode": "2d",
then do JS browser detection and in the "onSceneLoaded" function put back layer render mode to 'webgl' for other browser (chrome, safari, firefox)


wade.setLayerRenderMode(25, 'webgl');
wade.setLayerRenderMode(30, 'webgl');


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Please also note that when WebGL is deactivated in Chrome flags, Wade ISO Plugin is really glitchy (many bugs).

I think that Wade thinks that WebGL is supported and go with in anyway.

So for now on my Iso game '2d' mode is the best.



What iso bugs do you see when disabling Webgl in Chrome? If you let us know it's possible we can fix them for the next release of WADE


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