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I'm trying to implement a minimap in WADE. I found an old forum thread ( that discussed implementing this in Wade 1.*, but the files involved are long gone, so I don't have too much to go on.

In the forum thread, Gio actually gave a nice outline of what to try to make the minimap. But I would like to know A) whether the method he gave then is still compatible with the latest versions of WADE, and B) if there is another method available in the latest versions of WADE that might be better.


Also, my goal is somewhat different from that thread, where they were creating a minimap that displayed only the region visible on the Camera. I would like to create a dynamic minimap for the entire game world within the Camera Bounds, with a rectangular border around the region currently visible in the Camera. I would like to be able to click on the minimap to change the Camera's position to the corresponding part of the World (but this seems like it would just be a standard click event that takes the click coordinate and transforms it to the World coordinate the Camera should move to).

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I did find Shri's code under the Downloads/Open_Source_Projects



Yes that code should mostly still work, however rendering the minimap every so often is very expensive. If you have a mostly static map, you probably want to render the minimap just once, offline. By that I mean that you could just open your map in the editor, zoom all the way out, and grab a screenshot. If you need higher resolution, then I'd grab multiple screenshots and stitch them together.

This is going to be much less performance intensive. But obviously it only works if your map (or at least the terrain) doesn't change during the game. Personally I would only render the terrain this way, and overlay some symbols (e.g. circles and squares) for things like player characters and NPC's.

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