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Hey folks,

I'm Prajwal, an HTML5 games developer from Bangalore, India. I have developed a social gaming app, GamesAdda. I have used the WADE game engine on all my games, so thought I will share the app here. I also wanted to thank team Clockwork Chilli & Gio for WADE which I discovered in 2014 and have really grown to love it since then. It is my go to engine (framework?) for my HTML5 games development.

The app is up on this URL:

I have Tic, Tac, Toe & Snakes and Ladders up as of now and plan to add one or two games every month. Please do check it out and ask me, if you want to know how to start and join game, if it is not clear the first time. Thanks and have a great day!

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Hi Prajwal! 

Please make an AI enemy option when no users online. (after 2-3 min of waiting)

Hey Krumza,

Thanks for checking out the app. So this app does not connect random online players but ones with the 4 letter secret. A player has to start game, receive the 4 letter secret and the other players join the game with this 4 letter secret. I did this to encourage more privacy and safe interaction as one of my major target users are kids and elders of their family or friend circle. Tic Tac Toe has a maximum of 2 players while Snakes and Ladders has 4.

And thanks for suggesting a single player mode. I'm actually turning this MEAN Stack app into a Progressive Web App and in offline mode, I plan to add single-player games like snake, space invaders and other classics with simple gameplay. Once again really appreciate you took time off to try the app. Cheers!


Ah that explains it!

I think it's a great idea, but I also think it should be clearer that you don't just wait for random players to connect - that's what I did too, then left after a few minutes.

Anyway, now I know... I'll have a game of snakes and ladders with the kids tonight :)

Hey Gio, thanks for the suggestion. Since I'm still beta testing till 3 releases I haven't put up a landing page for the app. I shall clearly mention on my landing page that this connects players who know the 'secret' and not random online players. Also plan to create a simple video on the landing page showing how people can join.

There is also a game chat which are volatile like Yahoo chat rooms in the 90's.

And please do let me know what you and your young ones feel about the app.

Thanks for the feedback guys. Learning a lot!

Hey Gio,

Could you get a chance to try out my social gaming app, GamesAdda? Your Feedback is the most important one to me, so please do drop few comments. You can by all means say it's a really screwed up app and I will learn why it so and no love lost :P.

And also please offer suggestions, like you guys mentioned 1.Single player mode 2. There should be a walkthrough for gamers to teach them how to start and join game. Anything else comes to your mind. You may not have played much but if there was a game play buggy behavior please do let me know.

PS: I'm working on an Isometric Game with a Game Artist friend. The artist/ designer friend was very happy when I showed him wade, what it can do and the isometric behavior. Thanks team Clockwork Chilli, we are on our way to build our first isometric game and very excited to share it soon.


Hi Prajwal

I had a quick go. I like the design, it's simple and minimalistic, it feels very nice. It's also very responsive, on Chrome.

Sadly, it didn't work very well on FireFox. While loading it took a while, and then the browser showed the message "A web page is slowing down your browser. What would you like to do? Stop It / Wait". Even after clicking Wait a few times, it seemed to never load.

To be clear this happens before you open any of the games - just trying to load the main page with the list of games.

I wanted to try it with 2 browsers on the same PC for a quick test, but that combined with the fact that it didn't work in Chrome in Incognito mode either, sadly made it impossible. But I used 2 PC's and it was alright (both using Chrome).

I tried Tic Tac Toe and that worked well. However I think it's confusing because it says it's X's turn - but you don't know whether you are X or O. It should say this somewhere.

Other than that, it went smoothly. Tic Tac Toe itself isn't the most fun game obviously, but I liked the design, especially the background - that's a very nice touch.

Then we tried Snakes and Ladder, but that would only start on one of our PC's. I tried again a couple of times, but at that point my daughter lost her patience - she has the attention span of a 7 year old, mostly because she's a 7 year old :)

I'll give it another go tomorrow and let you know. Graphically that looks promising, and I'm intrigued by your 3rd game that isn't live yet - that looks like it'd be a nice game to play in itself, and if the implementation is nice it could be fun.

Hey Gio,

Thank you so much for such a detailed feedback and so much more for giving both games a try. So I'm actually going to get my game tester friend to use the app once extensively so that we can figure these small problems. I should have done this before but since I was beta testing the market I wanted to capture reaction first then do things as I move along.

And about the errors, I can explain some of the behaviours.
1. Without an x-auth header in your requests I crash the browser (and shouldn't do this I guess, pure evil :D ) If you were already on #home route then it's going to throw up this error. Will fix this.

2. So on the same PC since this is x-auth based again, each browser gets an x-auth header, so if you open app on same browser (same tab or different), it will recognize you as the same user. This I intend to be this way and to play on the same PC you can open link in chrome and the other in firefox or opera or edge. I believe that Firefox error had to do with me crashing if there was no x-auth header than the game running on firefox, cause I just tested but will ask the tester to test this in detail.

3. Yes Tic Tac Toe needs a message prompt to tell which letter are you like I do in Snake N Ladders.

4. And I realize I have gotta fix all these as 7 year olds are one of my major target segements and I don't want them to leave the app :P

I'll also see what the issue with Sankes and Ladders was on PC but it might be solved if you open different browsers on same PC.

But thank you so much Gio. You made me realize it's the phase where I should get a tester involved. And yes, the card game releases will be fun for all age audiecnce and we have lots of Indian card games which I want to present to global players.

Once again thanks team Clockwork Chilli, I remember in late 2013 you helped me tranisiton from Flash AS3 to Wade, HTML5, JS. And I was one of the early guys who got access to the physics and isometric behaviours and I remember going 'One day, I'm gonna build a desi Age of Empires or Sims :P

Lots of love and WADE is the most awesome HTML5 engine/ framework!

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