Multiple Isometric Terrains

Is it possible to have more than one isometric terrain in the scene?

I want to achieve something like this

I know with wade you can have "cube" terrain tiles, but for this I think I need 3 terrains: a black one at the bottom, a grey one on top of it, and the colored one at the very top.

I tried manually creating scene objects with IsoTerrain behaviors, but they look like they conflict with each other, I can't get it to look or work the way I want

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Hi cartyman

You can really only have one terrain as most of the code in wade.iso assumes that there is only one. This is because it's by far the most common scenario and I would like to say that even in your case, you probably don't need more than one terrain.

You should be able to achieve that by having a regular SceneObject in the background, representing your bottom-most layers. You would place this behind the iso terrain, so for example on layer 35 (anything greater than the terrain layer, so it's always behind the terrain). Then place one isometric terrain on top of it.

Alternatively, you can have different tiles for the different height (e.g. make a tile that is 3-cubes-tall and one that is 2-cubes-tall, if that makes sense), and still use one single terrain. I hope that makes sense.

However I'd definitely recommend the former approach. 

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