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Adrian Browne


In my game, I need to show a Vertical list of player images which is larger than the screen size, so that the user can scroll through and select the one they want.

If I use a scrolling div, there is a problem with screen rotation as my game must be played in Landscape.

What do you suggest?

Thank you,


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Is your game meant to be played on mobile? 

I'm not sure I understand what the problem would be with a scrolling div and screen rotation, could you elaborate?

For some of our projects, we have implemented a scrolling list in wade itself, for cases where a list of items would not fit on the screen. To see what it looks like, you could start a game of Zirma and look at the bar on the left of the screen (the one to choose which building to build). Or start Word It Out, go to Puzzle and look at the list of books on the screen.

If that's what you're looking for we can share some code - however this was done with very old versions of wade so it may need adapting a little bit for the current version.

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