WADE 3.8 is ready

Here's a blog post with all the details.

Let us know if you find any problems, and enjoy the new features :)

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Thank you! Will tested new wade

p/s/ I have some trouble :))

Blocking websites cloud Amazon, whose services are used by many IT companies, began to affect the work of popular Internet services.
When you try to log on s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com the operator issues a stub.

Lock Amazon predictably hit innocent users, since from the Russian authorities, has a right to ban certain sites, there is no mechanism (and, apparently, desire) to interact with foreign IT-companies and international legislation. At the moment the efforts of Roskomnadzor, the state office of public Prosecutor and FNS under lock in the territory of Russia was already more than 260 resources Amazon:

lock bypassed using a proxy, but beginners, gamemakers from Russia will not see almost all of the tutorials and pictures in your blog((


Hi krumza

Thanks for letting us know. I am sorry to hear that you and other Russian people are having these problems.

Unfortunately we don't have the resources to fight these things - we could move files elsewhere (which would be a lot of work), but then what if the new location gets blocked in some other country. 

Has it been blocked for very long? Any ideas if it will be unblocked at some point?


We just released an update (WADE 3.8.1) to correct the following bugs related to physics joints:

  • BugFix (B315): Renaming a joint that has not been assigned to any object and then deselecting it causes errors in the editor
  • BugFix (B316): Calling wade.physics.removeJoint() at run-time does not remove the joint
  • BugFix (B317): When using physics joints with rotated objects in the editor, the anchor points change after exporting and re-importing the project
  • BugFix (B318): The anchor point location for revolute joints is not what a user would intuitively expect


If you find anything else that needs fixing do let us know please.


unfortunately I note that the problem with s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com did not dare. As I said earlier because of an illegal casino, russian officials have blocked all the servers s3-us-west-2. Even download wade - the whole Saga,

I'm afraid I'm will remain the only one russian user of wade.

<sarcasm mode on>

But maybe it's better - why would I want competitors, ha ha ha

<sarcasm mode off>


I found 1 bug with this new wade.

When using Internet Explorer 11, in game it is possible hit some button only once ( which is using "this.onClick = function()").

After that wade not read onClick functions at all?


Here is example for testing: http://www.mediabaari.com/html_mediabaari/asiakas_projektit/test/ .

If using IE 11 then button click work only once.


Hi and thanks very much for letting us know.

I think I've got a fix for it. Would you mind attaching the source code of your test project so I can easily verify that my fix works?

Also while I'm here I'd like to reassure everyone that we're hard at work on WADE 4.0, which is taking a long time but it'll be worth the wait. I'll post some screenshots here soon.



here is test.zip that contains source code: http://www.mediabaari.com/html_mediabaari/asiakas_projektit/test/test.zip .

File is in my server so its safe to download. Thank you :)


Yes my fix appears to work. I'll release it properly with WADE 4.0, but in the meantime you can include this inputManager.js script (attached to this post) in your scene or in your index.html file just after wade.js.


Thank you, I will include this inputManager.js and use it :)


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