WADE 4.0.1

As usual a couple of weeks after a major release, there's a minor release to fix some bugs that you guys have reported here in the forum or via pm / email.

In this case, this is what's changed:

  • Updated the "Watch a Video Tutorial" section in the main menu
  • BugFix (B331): Inline documentation (hovering mouse over keywords) does not show up in downloadable versions of the editor
  • BugFix (B332): The documentation downloaded with the wade framework zip does not include the main Wade class
  • BugFix (B333): Dragging an IsoCharacter from a prefab without adjusting its position on the map causes calls to setDestination to fail
  • BugFix (B334): WebAudio initialization does not work correctly on OsX
  • BugFix (B335): Adding behaviors does not work in downloadable versions of the editor
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Awesome! Glad to know this amazing framework is moving forward! Keep up the nice work! I'll surelly recommend this to a bunch of devs.

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