Wade IDE improvements

Hi guys,

I read in another thread some suggestions about the editor UI improvements, so I thought I start a new thread for this topic.

It seems the developer team has a positive attitude about UI suggestions, so...

Let's suggest! ;)

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My first two (three?) suggestions will be:

  1. Yes, the font of the code "window" are too small here too for my eyes. It will be cool if it can be adjusted somehow.
  2. I don't have a big screen, only a laptop, so it will be nice, if the right sidebar can be resized to any width. (For example, to 0px) As I see, it has some minimumwidth property now, so it takes a lot of space from the code. And I use this sidebar very rarely. And I love to use the online IDE, because it's cool & easy ;)
  3. Is there any possibility to have any documentation about WIDE? I tried to write an extension what can access the local files, and manipulate them. It was a pain in the ass, because I didn't wanted to reinvent the weel, but the minified version of the editor is really hard to understand. (And of course why write a function, if the IDE has pre-written functions for it...)
    I think some minimal docs could be helpful for us, because this extensible editor feature is great :D Possibilities are limitless...


Those are some excellent ideas, thanks for sharing them with us.

1. That seems to be a common request, we'll definitely look into it for version 4

2. The problem with the sidebar is that it requires a minimum width to be able to display some elements correctly (button sets, etc). However we can certainly add a button to hide it altogether

3. True, docs for the editor code would be very useful. That's quite a big job - it's happening at some point, but unfortunately not very soon. However with version 4 we'll try to release non-minified versions of the editor so you can at least look at the source.


Great news :) Thanks :D


1. May be add shortcuts for left panel such as:

it may be not only visibilty tools  - another shortcuts may placed here/

2. NOt about editor - about API docs -  - please add "scroll to top" button ;)


1. I like that idea, but we already have some plans to use that same space to show some information such as which layer(s) the object is on. However I think there should be shortcuts too. Maybe a context menu that appears on a right-click, then you can select show / hide, delete, etc. What do you think?

2. Sure. We don't need to wait for version 4.0 for that, we can do it for version 3.8.

Thanks for your ideas, they're always welcome


1. if we click left button we already see this object on right panel)) so i think context menu will add less usabilty as shortcuts. in my honest opinion

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