a little philosophical question (#webgl)

I found this -  http://demos.littleworkshop.fr/infinitown

and immediately felt bad compared to what I'm doing isometric counterpart.

and immediately raised the questions

- whether it is possible to do it in WADE ,

- but is it possible building to make interactive to user actions (clicks) , i.e. a full game?

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Hi krumza

That's very nice, but it's a 3D game. You could potentially do some of that in wade, and in fact I've seen examples of wade apps working alongside three.js. However I wouldn't recomment it, for a 3D game you're probably better off using a full 3D engine such as babylon or three.

I think Wade is a very good (maybe the best?) solution for 2D games, if I say so myself :) But I wouldn't use it for things it was never meant to do.

Having said that, as a player I couldn't care less if the game I'm playing is 3D isometric or 2D isometric, as long as it looks nice and, most importantly, the gameplay is good. For the type of game that you've been making (if I understand it correctly), the ability to zoom in and change the camera angle may be a nice addition, in terms of the game's presentation, but won't add much in terms of gameplay.

Whether that's worth the extra effort of having to deal with a 3D world, 3D assets, 3D shaders, 3D cameras, etc... that's entirely up to you, I don't have an answer for that.

I think Wade is a very good (maybe the best?) solution for 2D games

I absolutely agree with this))

Yes, I know that the link is 3D game, so I decided to philosophize, maybe sooner or later, the 10th version of WADE will be possible to make such this))

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