14:42:24 File system error: /JewelTest/LeaderBoardUpdate - NotFoundError: A requested file or directory could not be found at the time an operation was processed.


This happened after changing the name of a file, I added the .js to the file and then opened it made changes and it would not save it.

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the problem comes about because of bad normalisation. A concept from database design. You basically have your file view and you also have an entry in your scene file wsc. 

When you update your filename in the browser, it appears not to make the same update in your wsc file. Your file view should be based on your wsc file name for a behaviour or any file. If everything is display that item from the wsc. Then when I make a change it should not matter implemented properly. 


The actually way to do it abstracted properly in my view is to point to the filename in wsc. This would become a problem when you use native filesystems and people change filenames outside of the wade IDE. At the start up of wade the approach should be the same as all other programs and state file is missing, you need to point to another file or delete behaviour(or file reference). You can go a step further and hint at files in directory not in use that might be it. etc etc.


implement refracturing is another solution for WADE IDE at some point.

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