dear creators of Wade!

I would like to Express my gratitude for what you do for us and doing , perhaps the best library of all.

But I would like to tell you the following: creating a new remember to explain in detail and please update the Code Snippets

I would like more videos and code examples. For example, the library vec nothing. And many such as do not know the vector (or forgotten - for example I was in school 15 years ago, only took and never worked with them)

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As version 3.8 has now been released, we can now focus on the next step which is releasing a major update - WADE 4.0

Many things are going to change. There will be a more polished API, a nicer architecture that unifies iso, tilemap and regular scene objects, and most importantly a fresh new user interface for the editor.

That is why recording new videos and tutorials now does not make a lot of sense - they are all going to become instantly obsolete as soon as we release version 4.0.

We are designing version 4.0 with stability in mind - this means that things are unlikely to change very much after the 4.0 release. We will add new features after that, sure, but nothing that should fundamentally change the way you interact with WADE.

So the best time to add new tutorials and videos is with the 4.0 release. It's going to be a lot of work, but we already started implementing some of the new stuff several months ago, so hopefully it shouldn't take very long.

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