hidden games loading issues

We created a hidden object game using your wade engine. We called that game using iframe. In that, for the first time it takes more time to load after clicking the play button. I need a solution for this. 
Link for your reference : shorturl.at/nBGJP

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Your link didn't work for me... do you want to paste it again without the shorturl?



check this url.


Ok, it works now. So what's the issue, the fact that you have to wait after clicking play?

I think that happens because when the user clicks play you're loading a scene with all its assets. If you want to avoid that, add all your assets (images and sounds mainly) to the asset list of your first scene, so everything gets loaded at the beginning.

Personally I prefer it this way though: the game starts faster and you wait a bit between scenes. Maybe add a loading bar though, so the user knows what's going on.


Thanks gio.I worked as you said Now its working fast .

Thank you

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