hidden games loading issues

We created a hidden object game using your wade engine. We called that game using iframe. In that, for the first time it takes more time to load after clicking the play button. I need a solution for this. 
Link for your reference : shorturl.at/nBGJP

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Your link didn't work for me... do you want to paste it again without the shorturl?



check this url.


Ok, it works now. So what's the issue, the fact that you have to wait after clicking play?

I think that happens because when the user clicks play you're loading a scene with all its assets. If you want to avoid that, add all your assets (images and sounds mainly) to the asset list of your first scene, so everything gets loaded at the beginning.

Personally I prefer it this way though: the game starts faster and you wait a bit between scenes. Maybe add a loading bar though, so the user knows what's going on.


Thanks gio.I worked as you said Now its working fast .

Thank you


Hi Gio,

How to create select level button in webgl mode(using Wade js Engine ) like flow game tutorial.



It isn't really possible to do vector graphics with webgl. However you have a few options:

1. Use a 2d canvas layer for your vector graphics. All the other layers can be webgl

2. Use static images

3. Use vector graphics to create your sprites on a (hidden) canvas layer. The use Sprite.drawToImage() to draw it on a static image which you can use on a webgl layer.

4. Similar to 3, but instead of drawToImage you can call Sprites.cache() and then Sprite.setLayer() to move your sprite to a webgl layer


I create android application.but some error show in console

[DOM] Found 3 elements with non-unique id #android_keystore_alias: (More info: https://goo.gl/9p2vKq) ;

How to solve


The link creates given below



Sorry it took me a while to get back to you - I just got back from my holidays. I am going to look into it, but I'm going to need some more info.

1. Did you use the debug keystore or upload your own?

2. Did you experience any issues with the actual APK that you downloaded, or just errors in the console?


Hi Gio,

How to add admob(like banner ad,interstitial ad) With wade games.please send me details 



Hi stalin

This is the same regardless of the framework you are using for your games as it's all done in html.

The easiest way is to iframe your game, and leave some space at the top (or bottom?) for your ad banner. You set up your add banned in html, without using Wade.

Alternatively, instead of iframing, you can set the "window mode" of you wade scenes to "container". This stops Wade trying to use all the available screen space for your game, and keeps it inside its container div. In this case, you want to resize your container div yourself to use a portion of the page, leaving enough space for your banner ad. A little more work to do, but sometimes you want to avoid iframes for some reason...

You can change window mode in the Scene Properties in the editor, or using the Wade API with wade.setWindowMode('container')

Keep in mind that loading any scene (wsc) after calling setWindowMode will reset the window mode to whatever the scene file says it should be.



My name is Sarah Smith and yes i am also facing the same hidden games loading issues.

Please help me out.




Hi Gio,

I need a escape games in wade js sample link given below



How to play


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