question about modern technologies

Hi Gio and all!

I want to ask some question about wade future.

It just happened that i work in  ionic framework (it mean angular too)

so what i see - that no libraries for html5 gamedev in ionic environment 

What you think about port wade to typescript  and/or angular module ?

How would you feel if I created a repository on github to translate wade in typescript?


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Hi krumza

As you know Wade was written with the goal of doing everything in your browser and we made an editor that aims to simplify your toolchain - in other words, while many other frameworks require external tools and libraries, to make (most) things with Wade you just need Chrome.

Since typescript needs to be compiled, it doesn't really fit that philosophy. However, everyone likes doing things in a different way and another important principle that we followed while developing Wade is that we should not dictate how you do things - we should give you as many options as possible so you can do things your way.

So by all means, I would be happy to see a typescript port of Wade.

A couple of side notes:

1. Starting with version 4.2 we're going to have a github repository for Wade. I don't know if having that repository will make it easier for you to create a typescript port or not, but I thought I'd mention that this is on the horizon.

2. Eventually, when browser support for ES6 becomes better (in terms of features but also performance), we will create an ES6 version of Wade.


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