version 4.1?


I have been using the current version 4.0.1 for a while now, a few months.

Can I ask when the next version 4.1 is coming out? I have read a some forum threads where you mention new features that would be useful to me. The main thing is your planned update to Paths. But it's been a long wait. Do you have any dates?

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Hi cleo

I don't have any definite dates, but rest assured that updates are coming (including the Path update that I've mentioned a few times).

For the past year or so I've mainly been busy making a game (powered by Wade, and unannounced yet), which I think has been very useful in understanding the average user's perspective when using Wade. When this is done I'll focus on Wade updates - it shouldn't be too long but I don't want to commit to any definite dates, as I hate missing deadlines :)


Thank you Gio for the update. Looking forward to the next version. And also to seeing your game!

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