wade game - Miner 49er - in development


I put a wade game I am workig on up on my website.

ashatej.com  it is the first one "Miner 49er"

It is still under construction (no sound, no ending, only 4 levels, no pickups) but the basics of the game play are there.

If you can give it a go and provide some feedback, I would appreciate it.

cheers - shri

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if you want my humble opinion it could be a very interesting game besides it could teach children physics, here's some thoughts:

- you could try to display (optional) physical characteristics - velocity, momentum and so on. Also it would be possible to regulate the starting pulse for truck

- I think that it is necessary to increase the levels and to insert obstacles to the construction of the path was difficult and the resulting path was stacked. For example, this can be rocks or flying birds who push the cart

- it is possible to add zones enhance the speed of the wind(tornado accelerates the cart or headwind it slows down)

- possible to add to the constructor the alignment of the spring (vertical and horizontal) which would push the cart

- it would be more fun if the truck was a load (which crashes during sudden movements) or a person who squirms at the sudden movements of the truck (as in "kerbal space program")

- it is possible to make a shop between levels where you will sell bonuses, the use of which somehow acts on the speed of the trolley (so you can then monetize:))

- modify the return to game from menu, now if you accidentally leave it level in the back is not to return


Looking good Shri.

I especially like the curved tracks thing, I thought that was really well implemented.

I know it's early stage so I can't comment on the level design - it does look promising though. The cartoonish look is also a nice touch. Keep it up, let us know how it evolves :)


Thanks for the feedback krumza. I have upated the game, the first 5 levels + tutorial are essentially done game play wise

Still to do - sound, level complete pass/fail, scoring, effects and more levels (accelerater track, multiple carts,  ???).

If anyone else can give the newer version of the game a go and provide feedback, it will be appreciated.

cheers - shri


Hi Shri, looks pretty good, reminds me of line rider.

Is it actually possible to get gold nuggets that are higher than the initial start point? if it is I have no idea how :)



Thanks for giving it a go. I just pushed the latest version to my website. Lot's of improvements (I think) and some bug fixes. Levels 1-5 are done, but level 6 is just a placeholder for now.

Still todo - sound, visual effects, scoreboard, more levels.

Regarding you question: the start arrow for the cart is on a slider. You mouse down on it and slide it right (or left). On mouse up or out, the cart launches. The farther to the irght edge of the slider, the greater the starting impulse. In the begining levels, you can practically launch the cart to the finish without a track. So, to get a nugget that is higher than the starting point, you would have to create a track that slants up or arches up and give the cart enough initial impulse to climb. Also, the placement of the nuggets is random (within an x and y range) so when you play the level again, the nuggest won't be in the exact same location. That way you have to come up with new solutions.

If the slider wasn't obvious, do you have a suggestion to make it more so ?

Again, thanks for the feedback.

cheers - shri


Hum. I did notice the slider and assumed it was for power at first, but when I dragged it and nothing happened I was confused. I think most of the games I've played that have that mechanic, propell the object when you release the mouse, rather than click the button. Trying it today however it does active on mouse up... Maybe I did something stupid.


You could try disabling the onclick, force users to drag it at lest a small amount to propel the cart. In my experience it's also common with these kind of games to reset the slider position as soon as you mouse up, as if it's connected by a spring, think angry birds. I dont know if that would be more intuatiive or not though, just my two cents



Thanks for the suggestion, the launcher now springs back to the starting location on release. Maybe the problem was a bug that got fixed ?

Level 0-6 are done, added a scoreboard and some effects. Still need to add sound and some more levels.

again, thanks for the feedback

cheers - shri



1 - i think this:

should be less than it is now. In principle, the smaller the pattern, so it will look better when stretching, although the course will have to sacrifice (e.g. rails)


well, sleepers and noise you can put the top on it

2. About Ui let me show my vision:

Authomatic restart when speed and gravity == 0 - there is popup wuth button restart


3. when between scenes is a miner (probably made it to Path()) there is a small problem when loaded it first runs very quickly, then slows down
Most likely this is a bug with Path because I've been there.
I fight it by putting either a 0 path is just a delay with no activity, either through the function

	this.loadintro = function(){
		wade.loadScene('intro.wsc', true ,function(){
		    var path = wade.getPath('Path_0');
		    var logo = wade.getSceneObject('logo')
		    var func = function(){
		        console.log("set path");
		    setTimeout(func, 1000);

4. in the same scene where there is a miner I think it is to add an event on click to proceed and it was possible to miss, not to wait for him to come and speak

5. It would be nice to add the effect of shaking the camera when the truck hits about the rock.What type of effect of the earthquake

6. maybe you will use howler.js (or the solution in pure js) for sound - unfortunately WADE is not possible to control the volume and do 3-d panorama.
For example the effect of distancing the cry of the miner, when the truck falls down, etc.



I have added some sound effects and completed seven levels. The latest version of the game is on my website.

Still to do - add 4 more levels,  add more sound effects, background music, minor bug/feature fixes.

Krumza - thanks for the detailed gui feedback. I implemented most of your suggestions.

As usual, any and all feedback is appreciated.

cheers - shri

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