when will anything new?


when will new tutorials, snippets and Wade?

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Soon :)

I won't make any promises regarding dates, all I can say is that it's a very, very big update and we've been working on it for a long time. Almost finished, not quite though.

I understand this is a bit too vague, I hope I can make up for it by sharing some details (and a GIF) of one of the many new features that we've completed so far - the "Repo Browser".

This allows you to drag and drop assets into WADE from a remote source. These assets aren't just images and sounds, but can be pre-made scripts or complex Scene Objects with functions and behaviors, or even groups of Scene Objects connected with physics joints and all that. When you drag these assets into your project, all the files that they need (images, scripts, etc) are automatically downloaded and it's all ready to go.

There are lots of pre-made assets that we'll make available with version 4 and that we'll keep updating with the following versions.

This is an example - give it time to load, it's a big gif!

Also if you squint, you'll be able to see some of our shiny new User Interface in the gif above.

So in short, sorry for the long wait - but it'll be worth it, there's a ton of new stuff. I'll post more info and previews soon.

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