WADE 4.1 status (what's coming next)

Here you can check the status of the next version - what's already been done and what we're working on. Remember you can use the forum to suggest features and point out bugs. If there is enough time and your requests are sensible, we may add them to this list.

  • Red means it's not done yet
  • Green means it's ready

New Features

  • You can edit code for main loops directly from the editor
  • New API functions to pause and resume main loops
  • Paths can be set to inherit some initial properties (position, rotation, size and opacity) from a SceneObject
  • The Path editor shows a list of shortcuts to SceneObjects using that path, with the ability to preview the Path from the Path editor
  • Add an onPathEnd event for SceneObjects
  • Show Paths in the editor even when they are not currently selected
  • Add a checkbox option to enable / disable showing all paths in the editor
  • Exporting apps to Windows uses Electron instead of NW.js
  • Exporting apps to Mac uses Electron instead of NW.js
  • Exporting apps to Linux uses Electron instead of NW.js
  • When dragging objects from remote repos, they are added to the scene relative to the current camera position
  • The editor shows an error message when there isn't enough space to add new files
  • The editor warns you when you are running low on disk space
  • Add a SceneObjectGroup.scale() function to resize a SceneObjectGroup
  • Buttons to delete tiles, transitions and details can be found in the tile editor and when selecting iso_terrain and tilemap_terrain
  • When right-clicking code editor tabs, show options to: download, close all, close others
  • TilemapCharacter and IsoCharacter functions accept two parameters for coordinates as well as an object with (x,y) or (x,z) fields
  • Add a "firstLine" option for multi-line text sprites, and API functions to get and set it at run-time
  • You can duplicate isometric objects. For collidable objects, a suitable tile is found automatically
  • You can pass an optional 'checkTerrainBounds' parameter to wade.iso.canAddSceneObject()
  • Display a message when switching to the code editor and no code tabs exist
  • Prevent sprites to be resized to negative values when resizing them from the editor
  • Add a wade.clone() function that calls SceneObject.clone(), Sprite.clone(), wade.cloneObject(), wade.cloneArray(), etc as appropriate
  • You can pass an optional 'stringify' parameter to wade.physics.serializeJoint()
  • Add Joint.serialize() and Joint.clone() functions for physics joints
  • Add a "duplicate joint" button to the Joint Editor

New Repos

  • Pre-rendered particles
  • Top-down racing set

New example projects and video tutorials

  • Match-3
  • Twin-stick shooter

Updated old video tutorials

  • Getting Started
  • Animations
  • Paths and Tweening

Bug Fixes

  • B336: Pressing Ctrl-D when a SceneObjectGroup is selected causes an error in the editor
  • B337: Pressing Ctrl-D when a Joint is selected causes an error in the editor
  • B338: Pressing Ctrl-D when the tilemap_terrain is selected creates a clone of the whole tilemap terrain, which is an invalid operation
  • B339: Deleting an isometric object from the editor shows a "deprecated" warning in the console
  • B340: wade.getObjectByName() does not include physics joints
  • B341: Text outline is not aligned correctly on multi-line TextSprites
  • B342: The GUI in the Misc panel of the Match-3 editor is broken
  • B343: The code editor does not appear in the Events tab of the Match-3 editor
  • B344: The default score TextSprites in the Match-3 behavior do not fade out as they should
  • B345: It isn't possible to manually edit the raw JSON data of SceneObejct prefabs in the editor