Cant Build (EXPORT) My Game




Thank you for your hard work on this engine!

Sorry if it is a NOOB question. but 

I have made my game, But i cant get it to export to any format!

The APK build gives me a corrupted download and any other build gives me a black screen.

I also have this console error that I cant find any information on:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'm_jointList' of null (app.html, 791:194)

I dont know if that is causing my issue?

I have also deleted all the audio from my project, after reading on this forum that audio casues build problems but that didnt work?

Here is my source code;

Thanks in advanced for your help!



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Hi oiboo

I've had a quick look, but I don't really know what it's supposed to do. 

I can see that you define a few functions inside your App.init function, and that's alright but then you don't call any of them. You also load scene1.wsc which appears to be an empty scene, so a black screen is what I would expect.

Did you mean to load scene2.wsc instead of scene1.wsc perhaps? Or what did you want to do?


Thanks for the quick reply! 


Video of game working in editor:


scene 1 is the title page where you click the "play" button

Play button on click event has the "load level" function

Play onClick


then scene 2 is the main level. randomly generates the boxes and enemies.

on scene 2 is the "back" and "redo level" buttons which have the other funciton inside of them.

back onClick


i didnt want to init becuase i want to keep the global variable "hiscore" after playing a game.

Redo onClick


Re downloaded source from engine and re upped to gdrive:


thanks again


Yes, sorry... my bad, scene1.wsc is not empty, you are right :)

I had a closer look, it seems that somehow the wade.js file in there is corrupted. I don't know how that's happened, but if you replace it with the js file that you download from this site, it works then.

I have attached the file to this post for your convenience - but it's just the same file you get when starting a blank wade project in the editor, or the one you can get from the Downloads page (selecting "Just the Framework"), but in that case you have to rename it from wade_4.0.1.js to just wade.js.

I was able to export it for windows and it worked. The Android cloud build also gave me an APK, though I don't have an Android device handy at the moment to see if it runs - but I don't see why it shouldn't.


Thank you so much!

I will try it now and report back!

My typical luck i manage to break everything! 

bull in china shop


Ok the windows build works! Thank you so much for that!

i'm sure the apk would to but....

I get a corrupted download everytime?

its probably something on my end but thats the only thing that gets corrupted download?

any ideas?

Thanks again btw! 


What do you mean exactly by corrupted download - a zip that doesn't open, or a zip that contains an apk that then doesn't run?

Are you building it with the debug keystore or your own keystore?


It contains one apk with 0 size 


Debug keystore 

Package Name:

com.Oiboo.Angry Monkey

com.OibooGames.Angry Monkey


I tried a few different ways i wasnt too sure what i was doing sorry 


It built just fine when I tried. I will have to check the server logs to see what is not working... I have attached the apk that I got here.


I figured it would be on my end!

Thank you so much for all your help.That downloaded perfectly!

I wanted to pass the game around to a few friends and then tweak the score and min max values for spawning the objects before doing the final build.

I was reading about the keystore i will have to build with my own for final release, am i correct?

Is there anywhere i can support you guys? Its great what you have done here!



If you want to publish it (e.g. on Google Play), yes you will need your own keystore. This is a sort of signature that says that the app belongs to you, so you can then update it etc. The debug keystore that we provide in the editor contains our own signature, so if you publish anything with it, it will appear to belong to Clockwork Chilli.

But until you need to publish it on an app store, you can keep using the debug keystore as it doesn't really matter.

The best way to support us is to help us spread the word by saying something nice about Wade when it comes up in conversations with friends, coleagues, internet forums etc. That's always appreciated :)


Thank you for clarifying that!

I am currently making a tutorial section on my website and i am encouring our community to create and modify games. 
I will 100% do a series with the WADE game engine and hopefully push some users your way!

Thanks again for your help Gio. You are a SUPERSTAR! 



One last update!

I can download the Android APK cloud build by Copying the link and Downloading it on my Tablet. Then unzip and install the APK onto my tablet.

My download still always fails on PC.

Thought this would be helpful for anyone who comes across the same problem! 


Help. I can't create my game in Android, when I try to build it, sends me the following message:
Serialization error when starting compilation in the cloud of Breakout for Android


Hi Aletvia

Is this using the debug keystore or your own keystore?

The most common cause for this sort of problem is an invalid package name or app name. Could you try with simple names that only include simple [a-z] letters?


Thanks Gio, however I still have problems to generate the apk. When I try to generate it in Cloud Builds gives me an error in the status but it does not say why. What I can do ?

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