Dynamic scene lightning

If you are not tired from me... I want to discuss another shader practice - scene lightning. 

At ideal it will look in editor as: 

1. User drags spot light on scene from palette

2. Set it properties

3. All around is lighted.

I want to use that practice in my game and try to make some demos of what I mean. I will post light demos here - and may be new idea will appear - how to make automatic scene lights in framework. Such simple - that anyone could use it.

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Some nice effects there.

I think some of these could be integrated into the editor, where you can select pre-made shaders from a drop-down menu, like you currently do with sepia tone, barrel distorion, etc. These would be useful there.


In https://threejs.org/  there are much shaders, wich can be integrated, I think. They are at downloadable archive (open source) in folders:





This is no need for me,to integrate them in editor, but that can be helpful for editor, I think.

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