Match-3 Editor Not Working

I followed the youtube video about creating the match 3 framework but I keep getting the following error:

Uncaught IndexSizeError: Failed to construct 'ImageData' the source width is set zero or not a number (sprite.js 1018:25)


Also by default I don't get a sprite.js file. I even uploaded the sprite.js file to see if it would fix the issue but nope..

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Can you attach a zip with the pictures you are using, so we can try to replicate the problem here?

If you don't want to post those assets in a public forum, you can click my name to send me a private message


I'll be able to do a screen captured video on what's going on. I'll do it after work/responsibilities.


not sure if the video attached 


In case the attachment failed its on my youtube channel under a private setting.


The attachment did work, the youtube video did not :)

Anyway, you are right - this seems to be broken in the new version of Chrome. They changed the way canvas.context.drawImage works, and that's broken a few things.

Not to worry though, we have a fix for it. We're trying to release a new version by the end of this week (though it could also be Monday depending on how things go), this problem should just go away.


Fixed in the new version, released today. Not only fixed in fact, we've added quite a few things to the match-3 editor.

There's a blog post about it.



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