WADE 4.1 status (what's coming next)

Hi everyone

I have just added a new page to this site to track the progress that we're making with the next release of Wade. This allows you to know what to expect when the next release is ready, and also to see how close we are to the next release.

It also gives you an opportunity to comment on features and bug fixes before we release them, in case you have something to say that may help us deliver those features or make them better. So please if you have any comments regarding the next version, speak up in the forum and we'll hear you!

The page can be found here:

What's Coming Next

And also in the dropdown menu at the top of all this site's pages, under Wade /  What's Next.

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Very good idea Gio, shame it's all red :)

Just kidding, I know you released a version yesterday. Keep it up! It's a nice list of new features for 4.1.


I see you have this in your plan for version 4.1

  • Add a SceneObjectGroup.scale() function to resize a SceneObjectGroup


And that is cool. But I'd like to make a suggestion. Can we also have SceneObject.scale, Sprite.scale and TextSprite.scale?

I know I can do this with setSize (but really I can't for TextSprites). But scale would be better because most of the time, I have to do sprite.getSize first to get the current size, multiply by something, and then finally sprite.setSize. Having a scale function would be much easier


I think it's a good call. I'll see if I can add this to the 4.1 roadmap, it makes sense to do it at the same time as SceneObjectGroup.scale.

I do like that idea. In fact this would also solve a problem with Paths that's been brought up before, as it would allow you to tween scale on TextSprites.

Thanks for the suggestion


+1, add my vote to the "scale" idea please!

And by the way, I can no longer go to Wade / Next Version. The link above still works, but have you changed the menu on the top bar?


I did indeed change the top bar (pardon the the pun). The drop-down menu was awkward to use on a mobile phone, hopefully it's easier to use now.

The plan is that when 4.1 is released, I'm going to update the changelog page. Rather than containing one big list of all changes, it'll just contain changes for the latest version and will have links to previous and old versions. You'll be able to get the the "next version" page from there. Until then, please use the link above.

And regarding scale, yes I'm adding it to version 4.1

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