Complete beginner here - can't add images to the background

This is such a beginnger question but I have watchd all the YouTube videos and it looks so easy, but I just can't do it! 

So I add objects to the scene, if I just use the standard, white cube thing, when I play the game it shows up. If I drag my images fro the bottom window up into the main window they show up there but when I test the game the scene is black. I don't knwo what I am doing wrong! 


I next tried to make the white cube and then change the image name on the white cube to my image file name - again this works in the main screen, but when I play the game the screen is black. What am I doing wrong??


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Hi charleei

It'd be good to know a bit more about that problem you are encountering. Can you open the console (F12 or Ctrl-Shift-I) and see if there are any errors there when you run the game? That will help me understand what's going on.



Thank you for replying. I opened the console and I can see the error:

Unable to load image Slide1.PNG
console.<computed> @ /wade/wade/app.html:92

I have tried with several different pictures and they all getting the same error.




Sorry posted twice


I kinda fixed it. I make my backgrounds in PowerPoint and then save them as PNG but selecting save all slides. It does not like these pictures it seems! 

So if I save each slide individually it will let me add them as background....

Anyway it works at least ha ha I have a whole new problem now! Didn't know if it was best to start a new thread or not... 

Here is the issue:

I made a button which when clicked goes to the next scene. This works fine for scene 1 to 2 and then scene 2 to 3; when I get to scene 3 the button will only work if moved to certain parts of the screen! It will not work when placed where I need it to be! 

Screen recording here:

What am I doing wrong? I even tried to trick it and move it closer to where it needs to be, it gets close and still works but as soona s it is in place it stops working!



A bit difficult to say, I can't see what objects there are since you're using fully transparent sprites... but I think there may be something else behind that button that also gets the click event when your button does.

Loading a scene on clik is ok, but this simply adds the objects from the new scene to the world. You may want to clear the current scene (i.e. remove any existing objects from the world) when loading a new scene.

There are two ways to do this:

1. Call wade.clearScene before wade.loadScene


2. Pass an extra paramter to wade.loadScene to tell it to remove all existing objects before adding the new ones (note the 4th parameter set to true):

wade.loadScene('nextScene.wsc', false, null, true);

I think in your case, you may still have the button from the previous scene. So when you click the new button, it gets the click event and tries to load scene 4, but immediately after that, the button from the previous scene (which is behind it) gets the click event and tries to load scene 3 again


Oh I see! 


Thank you so much it has been driving me crazy. I came from using JAWA to create games and it is very different!

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