Creating a scene object

Load an image and use it to create an object

Moving a scene object

Move an object to a specified position

Displaying text

How to show some text on the screen

Objects with multiple sprites

Create a single object with multiple sprites tied together

Detecting clicks or taps

Do something when the user clicks (or taps on touch-screen devices)

Detecting clicks/taps on an object

Do something only when a specific object is clicked

Automatically listen for handled events

When you add an object to the scene, you can tell wade to auto-listen for events

Rotate objects

Set the rotation angles of your objects


Decide how objects should respond to events in their behavior functions

Add behaviors at run time

How to add a behavior after creating an object

On Move Complete

Do something when an object reaches its destination

Event propagation

How input events, such as clicks, propagate

Mouse (or finger) movement

Detect mouse movements and their positions

Smooth camera movement

Move the camera smoothly to a target position

Non-linear camera movement

How to move the camera using a custom-defined function for the speed

Pan and zoom

Learn how to pan and zoom


Use a spritesheet to create an animation

Full screen

Learn how to switch to full-screen mode

Named scene objects

Set names for your objects and access them via their name

Cloning objects

How to create copies of scene objects

Mirroring sprites

Creating a mirror image of an existing sprite

Using multiple layers

Sprites on different layers will be drawn on different, overlapping canvas objects

Reorder sprites on the same layer

Even when sprites are on the same layer, you can change their draw order

Using pre-defined layer sorting

You can sort sprites on a layer according to a predefined set of rules

Using sprite sort points

Sort sprites according to an offset rather than using the center coordinates

Using custom layer sorting

You can sort sprites on a layer according to a custom sort function

Raw image data

Change individual pixels in an image by manipulating the raw image data

Multi touch

Enable multi touch support to receive separate events for each finger

Device orientation

If your target device supports accelerometers, you can use device orientation events

Device motion

If your target device supports accelerometers, you can use acceleration data

Loading screen

How to set a loading image to show while WADE is loading data

Load a scene from a JSON file

How to load a whole scene from a data file

Export a scene to JSON

How to export a scene that was set up in code to a JSON file

3D Transforms

Rotate and translate layers in 3D space

Animated 3D Transforms

Add cool 3D effects to your 2D games

Custom fonts

How to use custom fonts in your WADE apps