Double click issue on iOS touch devices


I have found out, that on iOS devised when click button, that will do it twice (double click).
Reason propably is that on iOS touch devices onHover or onMouseIn count as first click and then onMouseUp or click as second click.
Have anyone figure out same problem, and how to fix that?

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Weird, I tested on an Iphone SE and it works out of the box. Tell us where you tested and what doesn't work?

Sorry for late reply. For example I have that issue in my Ninja Mummo the Game: (on the site click Play the Game -button).
When you start the firts stage in touch the screen, game will mess up and freeze. That bug will be appear on my sons iPhone.
I have try to figure out, where is the problem and with some tests, I found out that iPhone browser one touch, is like quick douple tap.

I have other question also. Does anyone have code snipplet for physics blood splatter? Even simple is ok. I migh use it in the game when ninja hit the blade :)

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