Flappy Ninja (aka Ninja Mummo the Game)

Hi everyone,
I dont know can I share this in this forum, but I have made little different version of flappy bird game (inspired by wade tutorial).
It has been some months I have create this at hobby and I will develope it more little by little.

So the game is called "Ninja Mummo the Game" (Ninja granny in English) and it can be found my website:
https://www.ninjamummo.com .

I hope everyone enjoy playing this little game project and feel free to send me some feedback.

I have create also Teaser trailer, if someone want to share it to friends: https://youtu.be/8FdF8ZeXIQI

Thank you,
Janne from northern Finland



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Of course it's ok to share your games in this forum, in fact thanks for doing that.

I think it's seriously good. Flappy bird games are simple, sure, but you've got fantastic art and sound effects, and the gameplay is very polished. Well done, very nice work :)

I couldn't get past the first stage, but I'll keep trying...


This is one of the best flappy bird style games I've played. Died on level 3 at the lightsabers.    
The background art and paralax is great. I made the mistake of collecting the "green fart potion" then realised that makes it much harder to control, which is a nice mechanic.

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