I can't find my projects in the online editor

Today we're finally moving the website to https. This will result in some disruption, and people losing access to their projects in the online editor. But there is a workaround, and this post will try to explain everything.

How do I get my projects back?

Your projects are still there, don't worry. You will, however, need to download and re-import them.

First of all, follow this link: http://clockworkchilli.com/wade/4.1/index.html

You can replace "4.1." in the link above with any other version of wade (the earliest you can go back to is 3.7).

Then you will have to open your project, and select Download -> Source Code from the top bar. Repeat for all the projects that you want to keep.

Now go to https://clockworkchilli.com/wade

From the main menu, select Import a project from a zip file, and use the zip files you downloaded before to get your projects back.


Why is this happening?

The projects you create in the online editor are stored on your hard drive. Chrome creates some storage space for each website (i.e. for each domain) that requests it, and keeps storage separate for each domain.

Now we have moved http://clockworkchilli.com to https://clockworkchilli.com and this is a different domain, so different and separate storage space for your projects. That is why you need to export your projects (from http://clockworkchilli.com) and re-import them (into https://clockworkchilli.com).


Why has it taken so long?

1. This will cause some disruption to people who will appear to lose their projects and will panic. Some of them will find this forum post, many others won't and will create other forum posts asking for help, email us asking for help, post on facebook and twitter asking for help, etc.

2. The website was "secure" anyway, we were never transmitting plain-text passwords, it was all encrypted. So not being on https was not a huge problem in terms of security.

But... it had to be done at some point. Now seemed a good time, so it's all going to be more secure and quite a bit faster.


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thank you Gio

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