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I joined the 2020 Game off game jam and I feel pretty good about my game so far but I dont know how to let people play on web. Im not too great computer stuff so I might be missing something obvios that Im missing, but does anyone know an easy way to make web builds with wade games for

The game jam ends in like 20 days so its not too urgent, but the sooner the better.

P.S. Im really liking wade so far.

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Hi PepperBoi

If you're building something with the editor, click the download button on the top bar and choose "Source Code". This gives you a zip containing all the files you need to play your game on the web - it just needs to be hosted somewhere.

There are literally thousands of hosting providers (either free or cheap), you might want to do some research before choosing one. If you're willing to open-source your project and put it on github, GitHub Pages is a very good choice in my opinion.

So register for your hosting, upload all the files from your zip there, and that's it.


I did that but the buttons only work sometimes and sometimes i have to reload the page a few times to get the game respond to the buttons, the mouse works and it works when downloaded.(I used chrome)


Did you manage to sort it out?

If not, what buttons do not work exactly? If you want to share a link to where you've uploaded it, I could take a quick look


This is the completed game on if you want to try it.

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