Problem with the version of the apk in Android

When I export my proyect to Android, I installed in my divice and execute. It give me the next legend: This app was created for an older version of android and it may not work properly. Check for updates or contact the developer.

The application is correct, but I don`t now how delet this legend, my android Version is 9. Help me please.

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I have just verified this, I can confirm that it's a problem with the android sdk version that we are using to build the apk.

We can change the sdk version to support newer devices, unfortunately this will mean that some older devices will no longer be supported. It's probably an acceptable trade-off, we just need a few days to test it and make sure we are not breaking anything by using the newer sdk. I'll let you know once we've rolled out the update.


Really thaks Gio!

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