Sound is not working in .exe and browser

I have a strange problem that I unfortunately can't solve myself despite the instructions and forum entries. I want to play in a background sound. I have already done the following:

- uploaded sound file in .acc and .ogg format

- also uploaded in the "Scene Properties".

- to play I use the command: "wade.playAudio("sound.ogg", true);"

- In the Scene setting "Web Audio Only" is set to true (but it does not make a difference when I switch it)


Problem: The sound is played in the wade game engine, but only if it is in the file format .aac or .mp3/.wav (.ogg does not work for me). When I export the game as .exe or HTML5, the sound doesn't play at all (no matter which file format I choose). So I looked at the browser console logs and I get the following error messages:

see error.JPG


Can you guys help me with this please? What am I doing wrong here?


Thank you very much!

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Problem is solved :) 

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