Wade 4.1.1

Hi everyone

Version 4.1.1 is being released today, with some small changes and a few bug fixes. And some other tweaks that we needed to move the online editor to https (for which I'm going to write a separate post, as that will affect quite a few people working with the online editor).

The main new feature is the ability to use shader functions, giving you more options when it comes to complex shaders.

Here's the full list of changes (also available in the change log):

  • You can now use functions in shaders: if a "main" function is not defined, your shader text is interpreted as the contents of a main glsl function; if a void function is defined, the shader text is interpreted as a full glsl shader.
  • Added wade.getSpritesOnLayer()
  • Added Sprite.getOpacity() and Sprite.setOpacity()
  • Added Animation.getDirection() and Animation.setDirection()
  • The downloadable editor can build projects for Windows, Mac and Linux without an internet connection
  • BugFix (B349): Cannot re-import zip files exported by wade
  • BugFix (B350): The downloadable editor cannot be closed without using task manager / force quit
  • BugFix (B351): The effect of Sprite.setDrawModifiers depends on the current draw function of the Sprite
  • BugFix (B352): Animation autoresizing doesn't work correctly for sprites with a custom image area


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