Wade 4.1

When using 4.1 wade should I just extract it to the wade game engine folder will it simply paste over the files, or will I have to do some tweaking. Thanks in advance for your time.

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If I understand your question correctly - you have an older version of Wade installed, and want to overwrite it with the latest version? That should be ok, you can just replace all files. You can also extract it into a different folder, it would work the same. This is because the data for your project is not saved together with the engine files, but it's in a separate folder (in the current user's AppData folder if you are on Windows). So it doesn't matter where your engine files are (same folder as the old version or a different one), you should still be able to see your projects in the same way.


thanks, is wade 4.1 in the latest version windows 64bit, it looks like it is, but I do not see the wade 4.1 file. The wade file has the same date. I am just checking before I start my next project.


Yes I can confirm that when you download the windows 64bit version from our site it's version 4.1.

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