jerky screen scrolling.

I have got jerky screen scrolling, can anyone run through some techniques to lessen it. I have taken out some variable calls. The main thing I can think of is taking away the canvas clearing. The printing off screen is the only other thing I can think of. 

It is a background screen scroll, so there is a lot of printing of screen is there a simply technique in wade. I thought max screen would do that automatically. But it does not.

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I would not try to guess what is causing any performance issues. There are tools that will tell you what it is. Have you tried running it through the profiler in Chrome debugging tools? Is it a problem with low / inconsistent framerate or something else entirely?

As a general suggestion, using a power-of-two sized texture (or textures) for your scrolling background is a good idea, as you will get hardware filtering and it will look smoother.

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