Use a spritesheet to create an animation

Animations are created using spritesheets, and are then added to sprites.
App = function() { this.load = function() { wade.loadImage('/snippets/samples/dragon_flap.png'); }; this.init = function() { // create a sprite var sprite = new Sprite(); // create an animation from a spritesheet (8 frames: 4x2) var animation = new Animation('/snippets/samples/dragon_flap.png', 4, 2, 30, true); sprite.addAnimation('flap', animation); // create a scene object and add it to the scene var dragon = new SceneObject(sprite); wade.addSceneObject(dragon); // the animation is just the dragon opening its wings. // To make it flap its wings, we play it in 'ping-pong' mode dragon.playAnimation('flap', 'ping-pong'); }; };
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